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Reflections Silk Twill Scarf


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Product Description

100% Silk Twill 43.3 x 43.3 in (110 x 110 cm) Hand-rolled Made in Italy Artwork by Serhiy Fedynyak, Lviv “This piece is meant to convey the burden of reflection. The symmetry symbolizes dialogue with oneself, as difficult decisions lie only on our own shoulders. The acute fractures and various details represent the many variations of thought and the difficulty of choosing the right solution. Tears suggest the sometimes tragic moments in life. But, in general, this work is about love. Like in most of the world’s artistry, it is an eternal theme.” Created by R. Culturi R. Culturi pieces are produced from start to finish by a local, family-owned and operated mill in Como, Italy. They select the fabrics themselves and each accessory is hand-finished to ensure truly high-end quality. They collaborate with painters, artists, and illustrators from around the world to create their curated collection of scarves and pocket squares. Every design is unique and displays the talent and style of the artist that made it. Their goal is to fuse art and fashion and offer customers an exceptionally designed, beautifully crafted product that they won't find anywhere else.

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